GOT GEAR? 2 Hacks for Survival

September 18, 2017

GOT GEAR? 2 Hacks for Survival

Some things are easy to detect — like a poser in uniform. You can spot them a mile away. Other things are like ocean tides and can shift without warning. Whether you're a civilian in the wild or a soldier in the field, it's impossible to anticipate every situation. But the difference between not knowing and survival is preparedness. Check out these four gear-based survival hacks. All you need are the right tools and a little savvy.

1. Need a fire? Use your knife.

Get a knife that can do double or triple duty. Pocket knives are great, but heavy duty knives that hold up outdoors and have other features- like fire starters, make things like matches inconsequential. Magnifying glasses are cool and so are batteries, but as a gearhead, you're less likely to carry those on the body. Stick with a fixed-blade like the Tactical Titanium Blade

2. Put the shirt on your back to good use. 

Boiling water for purification isn't always an option. Collect safe drinking water with a bandanna by soaking up rainwater or dew from various plants and wringing it out into your canteen or Bottle Pouch Camouflage, it takes some time but if you're far from a freshwater source and without a way to boil water, it's your best bet to stay hydrated and a hell-of-a-lot better than drinking your own urine!