Best Tactical Gear for Every Situation

September 18, 2017

Best Tactical Gear for Every Situation

The term Tactical means “concerning to or constituting tactics.” Tactical is more a mindset than an accessory. This is also known as tactical mindset. So your tactical gear should also be centered on your tactics to save your life.

So before you plan to buy tactical gear, you need to reconsider whether it fits to your situation and is it all you need to win over the situation.

Most people are focused more on finding the right equipment such as guns and gear and that’s why they lack in other departments. Undoubtedly, weapons and ammo are very important but having weapons is not the only thing you need.

Tactical lifestyle is about obtaining the right balance in every situation. You can win battles with guns and grunts and wars with logistics. But to win of a war for food, water, and safety you need to plan the right budget.

Although the article is not focused on budget planning for food but it’s about saving your budget for all other equipment required to survive in all situations. Your main motive is to survive and not just to win the fight. So, you have to plan your tactics accordingly.

Planning Your Defense 
As mentioned above your main goal is to survive and not to win, therefore, you should carry all the necessary equipment apart from weapons to survive in the situation. Some examples of the must carry equipment are extra ammo to reload your weapon, magazine pouches for self-automatic modern rifle, medical kit, knives, compasses etc.

1. Combat Vest Carrier

 Plate carriers are an alternative to the heavy, burdensome flak jackets. The small size and weight make it easy for the soldiers to operate it. Plate carriers are best tactical gear for both police and military because of the mobility and protection they offer.

Combat Vest Carrier quickly become uncomfortable and you will be sweating your butt off pretty quickly. Plates are not the best idea for home defense as they are heavy, fragile, and expensive as well.

2. Tactical Molle Black Vest

Tactical Molle Black Vest is same as Combat Vest Carrier and indeed a better option than plate carriers. A load bearing vest doesn’t offer any protection, but it provides a similar mounting system for ammo and gear. They are more comfortable and even cheaper than combat vest carrier. An LBV is a nylon vest with a Molle or PALs system to hold gear.

3. Tactical Belt

Tactical belt which have a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) or PAL (Pouch Attachment Ladder) System are popular among infantrymen for carrying equipment.